Halloween Makeup

Whether cute, scary, bewitching or ugly, effective halloween makeup can make or break the costume.  The creativity and talent of makeup artists when it comes to achieving a Halloween “look” is awesome!!   Be inspired by some fabulous Halloween faces and effects I found…perhaps one will inspire you this Halloween!!  Have a happy and safe one!

Halloween 2

Halloween 3


Halloween 4 Halloween makeupHalloween 5

Halloween 6

Halloween 7



What are you being for Halloween?  I’m still unsure but I think it will have to include some great Halloween makeup!

Thanks for stopping by…Cynthia

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Autumn Outdoor Inspiration

Terrain in Westport, CT is one of the great inspirational garden shops in the Westchester, NY/Fairfield, CT area.  They provide a fashionable feast for the eyes with amazing creative and colorful vignettes at every turn. They have outdoor offerings like landscape services, plantings, planters, garden accessories, garden tools, architectural items and outdoor furniture, as well as, indoor items like plants, specialty food items, unique serving pieces, interesting tabletop, scented candles galore, distinctive planters, books, exquisite gift items, etc.  They also have a delightful Garden Cafe with indoor and outdoor seating (seasonal).  The food is delicious and the breads are fresh baked all day long.

My girlfriend and I made our seasonal visit recently for Autumn Outdoor Inspiration.  I was looking specifically for ideas for the two urns on my front steps. After much contemplation I chose Millet as my “statement piece”. It is a grass-like plant with lime colored foliage and brown fluffy puffs. Wikipedia says, “Millets are a group of highly variable small-seeded grasses, widely grown around the world as cereal crops or grains for fodder and human food.”  (I was informed at Terrain that Millet will seed toward the end of Autumn and I should harvest those seed, store them in my garage and plant in the Spring – I may give it a go!)  Assorted small and miniature pumpkins and ghourds serve as my arrangements “accessories”.  Here is the result…




The photos that follow are the Autumn Outdoor Inspiration we enjoyed.  Amazing how many ornamental squash varieties exist, size and colors of pumpkins (I only knew orange pumpkins growing up).  I am always in awe of the originality and creativity of the displays and arrangements!  Hope you are inspired in some way too…







The Millet I chose (below)







More Millet (below)






Thought this plant was beautiful!  Celosia Intez (below) with pansies.




Indoor decorative pumpkins.


Have you found your Autumn Outdoor Inspiration?

Thanks for stopping by…Cynthia

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Modern Mix

I was very fortunate to be a guest at the exquisite book signing event for the new inspirational, beautiful and useful design book Modern Mix by Eddie Ross with Jaithan Kochar.  The event was organized and hosted by Elizabeth of the Entertaining and Lifestyle Blog, Pretty Pink Tulips at The Apawamis Club in Rye, NY.  J.McLaughlin contributed to the stunning decor by providing the colorful reusable bags, gift certificates packaged beautifully and a local Rye home design store, Nest Inspired Home provided a generous raffle prize.  Outdoors Contained, a local Rye business, provided unique centerpiece arrangements and talented Rye photographer Stefan Radtke chronicled the event.

It was a fabulous “Modern Mix” of fashion as well!  I was pleased and proud to see the attendees in chic, classic and current ensembles with plenty of on trend touches like lace, fur, tassels, fringe, suede and so on.  Enjoy the fashion show that follows…


Elizabeth of Pretty Pink Tulips with Jaithan (l) and Eddie (r).                            Photo by:  Stefan Radtke


Elizabeth setting up event looking chic and beautiful in classic black and white with a fabulous tassle necklace.                                                                                               Photo by: Stefan Radtke


Elegant, chic and on trend in a MSGM dress with lace and leather detail.      Photo by: Stefan Radtke


Rocking the 70s trend in a great suede fringe skirt.                                                  Photo by: Stefan Radtke


Updating a classic boucle dress with a trendy fur accessory.                        Photo by: Stefan Radtke


Fur accessory with a classic winter white dress and a beautiful jewel tone dress with embellished fabric.


Missoni skirt with a classic knee-high boot and exotic animal print with chic bootie.


Celine Micro Luggage handbag and Hermes enamel printed bracelet.       Photo by: Stefan Radtke



Table decor was colorful and thoughtful!


Modern Mix for each attendee.                                                    Photo by: Stefan Radtke



Table centerpieces were each unique and containers were sourced at a local vintage gift shop.

The lunch event was the perfect “Modern Mix” of style, inspiration, elegance, creativity, fashion, fun and friends!!

Thank you Elizabeth and thanks for stopping by…Cynthia




Michelle Capp logo

I have been depriving myself for too long and had no idea how badly I needed to be pampered, relax and take some time for myself!  I have always regarded massage so special that I would save it to look forward to on vacations and weekends away.  However, that philosphy has changed now that I’ve experienced a massage by Michele Cappellano of Health Through Massage in Rye, NY.  Michele and her therapists combine the latest in techniques and methodologies to build a customized approach to your wellness and are dedicated to “improving the quality of life for you and your family through ‘Relief Therapy'”.  And, what a relief it was!  Through the combination of soft, soothing music and sounds of nature, a super comfortable bed with cushion supports, deep tissue massage and deep breathing with aromatherapy, my hope for relaxation and muscle tension relief was achieved!!  Michele used aromatherapy throughout the massage…Lemon eucalyptus (awakening), tangerine and clary sage (balancing) – truly heavenly!  The full body massage performed with the perfect amount of intense pressure relieved my neck and shoulder tension and loosened my leg muscles.  Of course, the head and foot massage were incredible too.

Michele Cappellano – founder

Michelle Cappellano

The website www.healththrumassage.com provides all of the information about her award winning services.  I need to remember to make massage an important part of my life.  In addition to it being relaxing and tension relieving it improves joint mobility, increases nutritional distribution and boosts immunity, improves posture and coordination, promotes restful sleep, reduces recovery time after exercise, enhances oxygen intake, alleviates anxiety and more.  And, I sincerely believe taking the time to do good for yourself does good for everyone in your life!

Michele kindly agreed to extend my readers the price of $110 (usually $125) for an hour massage.  Just mention that you read about Health through Massage on this blog.

Thanks for stopping by and treat yourself… Cynthia

Pasta for Dinner

With kids heading back to school next week and the return of hectic schedules I look to easy meals to feed my crew.  Pasta for dinner is a family weeknight meal that makes eating together easier to achieve!  As often as possible we try to eat dinner, sitting around our table, together.  As a mom of 4 growing kids  (teens and pre-teens), I am cooking more than ever – more often and larger amounts – and am busier than ever.   So, recipes need to deliver…appeal to everyone, be easy and quick to make, be nutritious, and of course, be delicious!

I’ve cut back on the amount of pasta I eat, however, I do LOVE it! (Almost as much as shoes!)  So, when I make it it has to be worth it!  I tend to wing it when I cook, so the recipe that follows is my version of:

Orecchiette with Broccoli Rabe and Sweet Italian Sausage: (Makes 6 servings)

1 lb Orecchiette pasta

1 lb Sweet Italian Sausage (remove from casing)

2 bunches broccoli rabe (washed and cut into 1″ pieces)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4-5 garlic cloves, chopped

fresh Italian parsley, chopped


1.Bring large pot of water to a boil and salt generously.  Once boiling, add pasta and cook until al dente.  When you drain be sure to reserve some of the salted cooking water to add to pasta at end.

2. Put about 1″ of water at bottom of a large saute pan and place cleaned and chopped broccoli rabe. Cover and cook/steam on medium heat until very tender.

3. In another large saute pan, place sausage removed from casing.  Break it up into small pieces and cook until fat renders and is fully cooked.  Once cooked, remove sausage and set aside.  If there is a lot of fat from sausage pore excess out but do not completely clean pan.

4. In same skillet as sausage was cooked add about 3 TBSP of olive oil to remaining fat and slowly saute the garlic until soft (do not burn).  Once softened, add the cooked sausage back to pan.

5. Once broccoli rabe is tender, drain to remove most of the water. (I use a colander) Once drained put broccoli rabe into pan with sausage and mix together.

6. Add cooked pasta to sausage and broccoli rabe mixture.  Mix together adding a small amount of the reserved cooking water. (I use about 3 large ladles or to desired consistency).  Give a good stir to deglaze bottom of pan.  I add a bit more olive oil as well and I taste.  If needed, I will add some kosher salt.  Add the fresh parsley and mix together.

Suggest serving with fresh Pecorino-Romana cheese (prefer Locatelli brand) and crushed red pepper flakes on side (for those that like some spice and cheese),  a garden salad and sliced, fresh french baquette.

Fresh parsley ready to join the party!


Sweet Italian Sausage and Broccoli Rabe awaiting the pasta.


Sliced fresh bread as centerpiece.


The finished product plated with garden salad a few slices of bread.

The whole family enjoys Orrechiette with Broccoli Rabe and Sweet Italian Sausage….Bon Appetite!!

What is your favorite pasta dish?  Thanks for stopping by….Cynthia

Rachel Zoe at Angela’s in Rye

Rachel and Roger were in Rye today at an event at Angela's.  They were really friendly and nice!!

Rachel and Roger were in Rye today at an event at Angela’s. Her line is beautiful – great dresses, shorts, tops, jumpsuits, evening dresses and at a competitive and reasonable price point for a celebrity/designer line!



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