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I have been depriving myself for too long and had no idea how badly I needed to be pampered, relax and take some time for myself!  I have always regarded massage so special that I would save it to look forward to on vacations and weekends away.  However, that philosphy has changed now that I’ve experienced a massage by Michele Cappellano of Health Through Massage in Rye, NY.  Michele and her therapists combine the latest in techniques and methodologies to build a customized approach to your wellness and are dedicated to “improving the quality of life for you and your family through ‘Relief Therapy'”.  And, what a relief it was!  Through the combination of soft, soothing music and sounds of nature, a super comfortable bed with cushion supports, deep tissue massage and deep breathing with aromatherapy, my hope for relaxation and muscle tension relief was achieved!!  Michele used aromatherapy throughout the massage…Lemon eucalyptus (awakening), tangerine and clary sage (balancing) – truly heavenly!  The full body massage performed with the perfect amount of intense pressure relieved my neck and shoulder tension and loosened my leg muscles.  Of course, the head and foot massage were incredible too.

Michele Cappellano – founder

Michelle Cappellano

The website provides all of the information about her award winning services.  I need to remember to make massage an important part of my life.  In addition to it being relaxing and tension relieving it improves joint mobility, increases nutritional distribution and boosts immunity, improves posture and coordination, promotes restful sleep, reduces recovery time after exercise, enhances oxygen intake, alleviates anxiety and more.  And, I sincerely believe taking the time to do good for yourself does good for everyone in your life!

Michele kindly agreed to extend my readers the price of $110 (usually $125) for an hour massage.  Just mention that you read about Health through Massage on this blog.

Thanks for stopping by and treat yourself… Cynthia